AXE Computers is a small operation based in the outskirts of Rochester, NY.  We became an official business in May of 2014.  Owner Kevin Neureuter, Jr. has been a gamer his entire life, when he bought a $100 laptop and changed the CPU and RAM, he fell in love with working on computers.  From there, he built a cheap computer capable of running Starcraft 2 for himself, moving from console gaming on the XBOX 360 to PC gaming.  Soon he started building computers for friends and family, all the while upgrading his own gaming PC to be able to play the most taxing games of the day.


AXE Computer is deeply entrenched in the gaming community, supporting multiple streamers, and sponsoring tournaments for multiple games.  Our goal is to become a staple in the gaming community, building custom rigs for both pro gamers and casual gamers alike.

Want your very own custom built machine?